Nothing says "ocean" like the sea turtle. This gentle marine reptile can be seen in oceans all around the world, especially in tropical and sub-tropical areas. So if your home has a sea, tropical, or island vibe, why not consider adding a piece of turtle decor to complement and enhance the theme.

Turtle themed decor comes in a variety of forms. Linen throw pillows featuring artistic representations of the animal are an excellent addition to a living room or sunroom couch. A marine turtle shower curtain can add that tropical feel to a bathroom - especially if you choose a tribal design. Finally, there is turtle wall art including turtle decals that can quite prominently bring the turtle into a space.

These items also make excellent gifts for those who love sea turtles, marine life in general, and/or island decor. Whether they live by the sea or just want to feel like they do, consider giving them a turtle decorative item.

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