Whether you live by the sea or just want to create that sense in your home, if you want an ocean-themed décor, you must include depictions of marine life. One of the most common creatures associated with the ocean (especially beaches) is the starfish (or sea star). That’s because they are not only one of the more eye-catching organisms in the water, but they are also often seen when engaging in ocean activities like diving and tide pooling.

Starfish décor can include everything from sea star shaped items like pillows to artistic renderings of starfish alongside shells and other “sea” things. While a sea star shaped pillow can work in any room, it makes a whimsical addition to a child’s bedroom or perhaps a patio area near a pool. For that tropical beach feel in the bathroom, nothing beats a starfish shower curtain. Finally, for any room including transitions like the hallway, a beautiful piece of wall art featuring the sea star makes a nice conversation piece.

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